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Consignment FAQs

Why Consign?

Help the Earth

It's estimated that Americans throw away about 13 million tons of textiles — about 85% of our clothing — each year.

That's an enormous amount, and here at Elite Repeat, you have an option to give your old clothing a new life! It's quite likely that a piece of clothing you're no longer wearing might be exactly what another woman is looking for. We see it happen every day. An item one person drops off becomes another woman's new favorite. Because of this, we invite you to consign with us and keep the world a little cleaner, a little nicer, and little more stylish. 

Take home a little extra cash

Set up an appointment to bring in your gently loved clothing and accessory items to consign, and we sell them to our loyal, friendly customers who come in looking for new and different items to add to their wardrobe. We always sell our items at the best price we can for you, at a value our customers still love. When the items sell you receive 50% of that sale!

When you consign with Elite Repeat you are taking part in a piece of storefront history that has been part of St. Paul for nearly 50 years. Thank you! 


Why Shop at Elite Repeat?

Elite Repeat is excited about helping the earth, helping women put some extra cash in their pockets and supporting our community, but in addition, it is fantastic to help women find their best next look. This is why the store is always clean, easy to shop, and only the best consignment items that come through our door are selected for resale so that we can pass the best styles and the highest quality on to you. Hope to see you soon!​


How to Consign at Elite Repeat 

It's so simple!

Call us to schedule a consignment appointment to bring in your gently used clothing and accessory items.*

Please be sure they're clean and hung neatly on hangers so their full potential is obvious and so you can get the best price for your items. We accept Spring/Summer Items from February until June and Fall/Winter Items from August until December.

*We happily accept items that have been purchased within the past 3 years, are current in style, and in excellent condition. Items that sell best have been purchased at a higher-end department store or trendy stand-alone stores.