JULY 4th Week hours - CLOSED Tues-Thurs July 2-4; OPEN Fri-Sat July 5-6

About Us

A woman-owned consignment store
and St. Paul icon since 1975


When longtime Elite Repeat owner Missy decided to close the store on Randolph Avenue in 2023, Monica felt she needed to talk to Missy about the possibility of taking over and keeping the well-loved store open. 

Monica is thrilled to begin a new chapter for the beloved shop on Randolph and Hamline. She is grateful for the established relationship and trust that Missy built with the community and is excited to continue working with with the fun, genuine women who shop and staff the boutique and make it a success.

Monica is a a St. Paul girl through and through and can't imagine a better place to raise a family or run a business. She enjoys how clothes can bring out a different energy or level of confidence but she's never felt great when spending a lot of money or seeing a garment wilt after just one wear. She loves the way consigned items let us see how a garment will last, and protects our environment in a way that fast fashion does not.

Walking into Elite Repeat for the first time, people are often surprised that it is more like a boutique than a second-hand store. The team is welcoming and understands that some women don’t like to shop so they strive to make it a pleasant, stress-free experience and be as helpful as possible.

At Elite Repeat, Monica sincerely hopes that every woman who comes into the store will leave happy, confident and looking forward to her next visit.


See you soon!


A Message from Missy

When I decided to close Elite Repeat I was so very hopeful that I would find someone to carry on its legacy but I was not interested in handing off the key to just anyone.

I wanted someone who was familiar with Elite Repeat and appreciated its longtime history on Randolph Avenue.

I wanted someone who was passionate about consignment and sustainability who also recognized the important role clothing can play in how you feel about yourself.

I wanted someone who was willing to dedicate her time, energy and efforts to continue to foster the relationships and friendships I was so fortunate to make over the years and who would not take those things for granted.

AND I wanted her to be humble and kind and willing to give back to the community that so graciously has supported us for almost 50 years.

Well guess what.. I found that someone and it is with great excitement and honor that I introduce you to Elite Repeat's new owner and keeper of the key, Monica Smith!

I humbly ask that you all welcome Monica with the same grace and support that you have given me. I am beyond grateful that she is keeping the Elite Repeat legacy alive and I am so excited to see her shine!!